The stars of “the vampire Diaries” decided to produce their own Bourbon

For more than two years, fans saw Damon and Stefan, but recently the actors have decided to give everyone a little surprise. Them again brings together a joint project, but this time he’s not associated with movies and TV shows, writes the with reference to

Звезды «Дневников вампира» решили выпустить собственный бурбон

Paul and Ian decided to produce their own Bourbon. In the series, Damon and Stefan preferred this drink, so their decision is justified, it much nicer to drink their own production. Especially now that it will be able to try and all the fans.

In their publication in the Instagram Somerhalder wrote that the creation of Bourbon, a passionate and hard work, during which they uncompromisingly tried to make a good quality product. Apparently, the brothers all turned out, because the plans for the future they big.

We are going to travel the world to see many of you and even accompany the presentation of cheerful parties,

― shared Ian. The actors want this drink gave fans not only a pleasant nostalgia for the past, but also a sense of joy in the present.

Fans of the Salvatore brothers, this news brought a real delight. In the comments Ian in Instagram they wrote that are very proud of Somerhalder and Wesley. According to them, these things show the indifferent attitude of the actors: after a while they still try to surprise and delight their fans, and it can not conquer. And, of course, many are hooked on the phrase about the party, organised by their favorite characters.

It should be noted that Bourbon of Somerhalder and Wesley will do not only in order to please himself and the fans. Ian said that part of the profits they invest in regenerative agriculture. The actor called it the fastest and surest way to slow down climate change. So the Salvatore brothers work for the benefit of all mankind.