The state Department said that Embassy and U.S. consulates worldwide will resume the issuance of visas

The U.S. state Department said on Monday, July 13, the Embassy and U.S. consulates around the world will soon resume the provision of visa processing services although not give details about where and when. This writes ABC News.

Госдепартамент заявил, что посольства и консульства США по всему миру возобновят выдачу виз

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Suspension of issuance of U.S. visas except in cases of emergency, became one of the few ways in which the administration of U.S. President Donald trump has restricted immigration and travel to the U.S. under conditions of pandemic.

The last step in this campaign was the most controversial to ban foreign students to attend classes online in the fall semester. This decision was challenged in court more than a dozen States and more than 200 universities.

“The resumption of normal visa services will happen gradually,” said a spokesman for the State Department.

“While it is impossible to specify a particular date when each Embassy will resume the provision of certain visa services”, — added the representative. Adding that you have to visit the website of each individual Embassy or Consulate for more information.

Still no Embassy or Consulate has not announced plans to resume visa services.

After Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in March issued a decree that sanctioned the unprecedented entry to all U.S. missions, allowing the diplomats and their families to return to the US, many offices are faced with a shortage of staff.

March 20-regular visa services have been suspended in all offices of the United States, which allowed to provide services only in emergency cases.

Donald trump has also stopped issuing visas H-1B, H-2B visas, L-visas, and some J-visa before 31 December. H-1B visa is intended for highly skilled employees. in such areas as engineering or information technology, while H-2B visas are designed for seasonal workers, such as manufacturing or food processing.

Even after the resumption of visa services for travel of more than two dozen countries, the US is still prohibited for any foreigner, who travelled in the past two weeks through China, Iran, the UK, Ireland, Brazil and Schengen area of Europe.

While the State Department declares that resumes service, one of the Consulate in fact, the US temporarily closed its doors. The U.S. Consulate in Cusco (Peru) is closed next Monday, July 20, at least until mid-November. On Monday, the Consulate said that U.S. citizens in this area should seek help at the U.S. Embassy in Lima, which is 356 miles (572 km) — 1.5 hour flight or 18.5 hours away.