The state of Rhode island change the name because of the Association with slavery

“What’s in a name?” For the state of Rhode island is the years of problems due to the fact that its official name is synonymous with the times of slavery in the United States, writes the New York Post.

Штат Род-Айленд сменит название из-за ассоциации с рабством

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In the smallest on the territory of the state in the United States is changing: on Monday, June 22, Governor Gina Raimondo signed an Executive order, which is taking the “first steps” to change the full name of the state, which now looks like this: “the State of Rhode island and Providence plantations”.

The part about “plantations” became the object of attention during the mass protests after the murders of George Floyd and Breanna Taylor.

The order will change its name to “Rhode island” in the official reports office of the Governor, including future orders, forms and other documents. All Executive powers of the state will also need to remove the word “plantations” from their web sites.

The order does not change the official name of the state forever — it will require the voters amendments to the Constitution of Rhode island, the document says.

The state legislature has indicated that it will move in the direction of the referendum, after the Senate of Rhode island has adopted a measure calling for a General vote of the state to change the name.

The bill was introduced the only black Senator of Rhode island, by Harold Metz.

“Whatever the meaning of the term “plantations” in the context of the history of Rhode island, it carries a terrible connotation when considering the tragic and racist history of our nation,” said Metz.

Previous attempts to change the name of the state failed after the question was put to a vote. In 2010, almost 78% of voters opposed a constitutional amendment that excludes “Providence Plantations” from the name of the state.

The recent impetus for the name change may have begun when, after the death of George Floyd in the Network began to circulate an online petition.

“Some residents of Rhode island are proud to live in “the smallest state with the longest name”. But the story of how we got the name, is often forgotten”, — is spoken in the petition. Currently, petitions are almost 7500 signatures.