The Steelers in search of the “spirit of the killer”

Steelers in search of “the spirit of the killer” < /p> UPDATE DAY

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mitchell Trubisky wants his offense to adopt a new mentality heading into their Sunday game against the New England Patriots. 

“When your defense is playing as well as it did and it has turnovers, you have to keep the ball,” he said Wednesday, his comments were reported by the ESPN network.

“We must have the spirit of the killer, this aggressive mentality which will allow us to put an end to the hopes of our adversaries.”

The The Steelers' defensive unit was excellent in the first week of operations, winning 23-20 in overtime against the Cincinnati Bengals. She notably managed to regain the ball five times.

“When the defense gets turnovers, we absolutely have to score points, added Trubisky. That's how I see things. That's what we're thinking about, we need to get touchdowns and not just field goals.”

Against the Bengals, Trubisky completed 21 of 38 passes for 194 yards. and only one major. By the way, only four of the Steelers' aerial plays have gone for more than 10 yards.