The stomach is detained for drunk driving men he produced beer

Желудок задержанного за пьяное вождение мужчины сам производил пиво

Police in the USA arrested for drunk driving man, the stomach of which, as it turned out, self-produced beer due to a rare disease. This publication reports The Mirror.

In 2011, a construction worker from North Carolina, whose name was not reported to have hurt his finger and was treated with antibiotics. A week after finishing the medication he had a strange behavior: depression, causeless aggression, memory loss and a feeling of fog in my head. In 2014, he went to a psychiatrist, who prescribed antidepressants, but treatment did not help.

Soon after, the American was stopped by police and suspected him of drinking alcohol. The Builder was in denial and refused to undergo a medical examination. He was sent to the clinic for testing for alcohol. The analysis showed that the amount of alcohol in the blood of the patient is equivalent to ten units of alcohol — that is, 100 grams of pure alcohol.

The patient continued to vehemently deny the use of alcohol, but doctors and police didn’t believe him.

Later, professionals from the medical center of the University of Richmond in new York diagnosed men avtobrozheniya syndrome — a condition where the stomach contains so much yeast that produces its own beer from products with a high content of carbohydrates.

After diagnosis and appropriate treatment the patient began to return to normal life. Builder re-watched the previous symptoms, only when a secret from the doctors ate the pizza with soda. After that, he began to adhere to a healthy diet.

Now it is already half a year does not bother syndrome avtobrozheniya. He admits he is happy not only because of the lack of problems with health, but also because his family and friends didn’t believe him and suspected in hidden alcoholism.