The story is not of tragedy, and beautiful love: in new York, will show a play about the Solomon Mikhoels


According to numerous requests of the audience September 15 at the Kings Bay Y will host a performance of “the Last role of Solomon Mikhoels”. His resounding success with the public is a term that describes that this view will be shown in new York for the third time in two months, this merit is not all of the performances.

История не трагедии, а красивой любви: в Нью-Йорке покажут пьесу о Соломоне Михоэлсе

Photo courtesy of the organizers of the show

Play “the Last role of Solomon Mikhoels” talks about the arc of a creative life and a passionate love of the great actor Solomon Mikhoels. This story is not of tragedy, and beautiful love.

Solomon Mikhoels — part of the great Russian Jewish culture, Director of State Jewish theatre, theater teacher, people’s artist of the USSR, as well as a prominent public figure, the first Chairman of the Jewish anti-fascist Committee, which gathered for the defense of the homeland in the Jewish communities of North America, $33 million Public component of his life is widely known, but the personal experiences of the actor often stayed behind the scenes. This gap has decided to fill the famous playwright Zinovy Sagalov writing a play “the Last role of Solomon Mikhoels”, which will present to the audience on the stage in new York.

In the play only two existing characters: he Mikhoels and his second wife Anastasia Pototskaya, but how much you can learn about them and the era in which they lived, of the dialogues and monologues of memories and reflections. Anastasia shares with the audience details of their romantic Dating. Ugly, stunted, bald, with traces of former disheveled hair on the temples, besides they’re wooing older ladies for 16 years, but brilliant, witty, irresistible in his charisma, he is the first attempt enchants the girl and soon marries her, the representative of an ancient count family.

Stage reading of the play performed by professional artists Aleksey Trubetskoy and Valerie Root, having a wide experience of work in leading Moscow theaters set by the graduate of GITIS, talented Director Arnold Shvetsov, was held in early may in new York, conquered the hearts of the audience. The play kept the audience favorites, which prompted the authors to show it again in the Kings Bay Y.

Tickets can be booked by telephone: 718-303-88-88.

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