The strongest Ukrainian long jumper. negative attitude towards life in Kiev

Сильнейшая украинская прыгунья в длину негативно относится к жизни в Киеве

Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk

Ukrainian athlete Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk that specializiruetsya in the long jump, says why he wants to move to the capital.

“Now I can’t even tell where I do live. Half of the things located in Khmelnytsky, half – in Exactly where we live my husband’s parents”, – quotes the silver medalist of the world Cup 2019 and the FOUR-2018

“We have repeatedly said that to live in Kiev, since so many issues are addressed there. But it stands to reason that this is unrealistic. I can honestly say that very negative attitude to Kiev, I do not like the congestion of the capital and this problem is not solved.

I have no intention of spending hours each day to get to the arena or stadium. And in Khmelnytskyi 10-15 minutes and you’re there. Takes 20 minutes to get from one end of town to another. Here for a day to do a few times more cases,” – said Marina.