The struggle for resources: Germany has accused the US in a pirate takeover of medical masks

The Berlin government has accused the US of “modern piracy” after 200 thousand of medical masks destined for Germany, was forwarded to the United States. About it writes BBC.

Борьба за ресурсы: Германия обвинила США в пиратском захвате медицинских масок

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According to the head of the Department of internal Affairs of Berlin Andreas Gizel, party masks FFP2 American production, intended for the police of Berlin, was seized in Bangkok and sent back to the United States.

American Corporation that produces these masks, it was forbidden to export its medical products to other countries under the law of war in Korea, which was used by the President of the United States Donald trump.

Friday, April 3, trump said that according to the law on defense production it requires American companies to increase supply of medical products to meet the needs of the country.

“These goods are urgently required for domestic consumption. And we need them to,” said trump.

According to him, the us government has at its disposal nearly 200 thousand of N95 respirators, 130 thousand surgical masks and gloves 600 th. However, he did not specify how it fell into the hands of the Americans.

Andreas Gisel stated that the interception of masks destined for Berlin, in fact is “an act of modern piracy” and urged the administration to trump to adhere to the rules of international trade.

“With the transatlantic partners do not do that, — he underlined, — even in times of global crises is impossible to apply the methods of the Wild West”.

The hunt for the masks

In tune with the Gizel comments are heard among the representatives of other European countries who are unhappy with the aggressive purchases of the United States.

Regional leaders in France, for example, complain that Americans are repurchased them from under the nose of medical products.

The head of the regional Council of île-de-France, Valerie Pecresse compared the battle for medical mask with a treasure hunt.

“I found a party of masks, but the Americans — and here I’m not talking about the American government, — and so, the Americans beat us to it, they offered three times more and also were willing to pay the money up front,” complains a French politician.

Meanwhile, a representative of the Department of national security of the United States told reporters on condition of anonymity that American companies and the government pay much higher market prices for medical goods purchased abroad.

The official said that the US will not stop until, while “we will not just excess” and such purchase abroad is likely to last until the end of August.

“We’ll take the whatever we can,” said the source.

Earlier, the world health organization reported that it is revising its recommendations about the rules of wearing masks in public places.

Currently, the who estimates that masks do not provide sufficient protection against infection, which would justify their massive use.

However, some countries, including the US, hold a different point of view.

On 3 April, trump announced that henceforth Centers on controlling the spread of disease (CDC) will recommend the Americans to wear cloth facial masks for non-medical purposes to combat the spread of the virus.

As of the morning of 6 April in the United States was almost 338 thousand cases of infection Covid-19, the highest rate in the world, and with the big separation from other countries.

In total throughout the world, the coronavirus has infected more than a million people, of whom almost 70 thousand died.

Serious humanitarian consequences

The American company, whose mask never made it to Berlin, reported that the administration of the President gave her the order to cease the export of U.S.-made respirators N95 in Canada and Latin America.

The company warned that such a requirement would entail serious humanitarian consequences and cause other countries to respond in kind.

The company produces about 100 million N95 respirators in a month, about a third of them are manufactured in the USA, the rest of the products are produced in other countries.

The President trump said that he used the Law on defense production, to “be hard to hit the company,” but did not go into details.

This law, passed in 1950-e years, allows the President to force companies to produce goods for defense purposes.

3 APR communicating with journalists, the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau noted that obstruct or reduce the trade would be a mistake.


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