The students filed a lawsuit against Ford for the imposition of restrictions on the activities of the campuses (PHOTOS)

Студенты подали иск на Форда за введение ограничений на деятельность кампусов (ФОТО)

Today in court dismantled the legitimacy of the so-called “Initiative of the students” (Student’s Choice Initiative (SCI)), the beginning of which the PC government stated in January of this year. Under the initiative, students can not pay fees for the financing of certain student organizations in universities. The student group universities Ontario sought judicial review of this provision, saying that it threatens such organizations as clubs, Newspapers, food banks and support programmes.

The PC government stated that the students should have a choice as to what services the campus they support.

Some contributions remain mandatory, as for security programs, health and psychological assistance, sports and recreation, as well as study help. These areas are considered key, while Newspapers, clubs and food banks is not so important.

The court hearing took place on 11 October at 9 am. It was attended by the representatives of such student groups as the York Federation of students (YFS), the canadian Federation of students Ontario (CFSON) and others.

Newspaper The Varsity, published by the students of the University of Toronto, reported that the York Federation of students, along with the canadian Federation of students Ontario filed a lawsuit in may.

“The government, particularly the Ministry of training, colleges and universities has no authority to impose any rules in violation of the Memorandum of understanding between the student unions and administrations of colleges and universities,” said national Executive representative CFSO Kyle Weiler.