The study showed an interesting trend (PHOTOS)

Проведенное исследование показало занимательную тенденцию (ФОТО)

Perhaps we can all agree that dogs are best animals that ever existed on this planet. There is a reason they are called “man’s best friend”, and all because many people consider them best friends in the whole world.

If you are a happy owner of one of these furry friends, you know how great it is. They always welcome and greet you when you come home, they jump for joy when I see you again, even if you parted only for a couple of hours, and they like to spend time with you for most daily chores, for example sweeping!

Millennials is probably one of the most misunderstood generations. Many people believe that the problems they complain about, exaggerated, and past generations I’ve seen worse, but it is actually quite the opposite. Millennials are now the most numerous, among them the highest percentage of unemployment, and they have a huge amount of debt for tuition.

All these data are not particularly encouraging, but recent statistical research in Canada has information that will appear.

The website conducted a survey, finding out how Canadians treat their dogs, and the analysis revealed quite interesting statistics! According to the study, 44% of Millennials consider their Pets as surrogate children. This means that almost half of Millennials prefer to have a dog instead of children… that’s so great!

Was found and other interesting statistics including the fact that 94% of owners of Pets in Canada treat their dogs like members of the family, and in 28% of dogs with human names! It is obvious that dogs are as important to them as children or other family members, and therefore love them as if I was with them in relationship.

In their study also found that Millennials are more inclined to get a dog, which is their namesake… it’s so cute! Imagine that you meet a puppy, who is like you.

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You can read the full text of the study and discover many more amazing facts here! (