The sunshine continues this weekend in Quebec

Sunshine continues this weekend in Quebec


Sunday will be generally sunny in Quebec, and will end the weekend in style before giving way to a cloudy Monday that is coming. 

Temperatures in western and eastern Quebec will average 12 degrees Celsius at the hottest of the day, and drop to 3 degrees at the coldest.
The Montreal region will be an exception with a mercury maximum of 14 degrees and minimum of 6 degrees Celsius.

Central Quebec will be less fortunate with minimum temperatures that will hardly exceed 0, and will reach on average -1 degree Celsius. The Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean will remain between 2 and 5 degrees at the minimum of the day.
At the best of the day, the mercury will reach an average of 12 degrees in central Quebec.

The north and far north will alternate between clouds and showers of rain and snow, with temperatures between -1 and 2 for the north, and stable temperatures around -10 for the far north.