The supercar was able to accelerate up to 1010 km/hour: the moment caught on video

Суперкар смог разогнаться до 1010 км/час: момент попал на видео

British supercar Bloodhound during the test was able to accelerate up to 1010 miles per hour. Now jet car called a real contender to beat the world speed record. For 22 years, the championship belonged to the British Thrust SSC car that could accelerate to 1228 km/h.

Testing a supersonic car Bloodhound took place in South Africa in the Kalahari desert. It is noteworthy that the car drove the same racer that in 1997 set a record land speed car Thrust. It is a former British pilot officer Royal air force Andy green.

The six-ton car, the Bloodhound is equipped with a turbofan engine, as in the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets. In the future, in 2020 the car will be equipped with the rocket engines. With the existing “filling” the car accelerated to levels higher than the aircraft speed.

The Bloodhound project was launched in 2008. The creators of a supersonic car hoping that their brainchild will be able to take the bar in 1609 km/h and put the land speed record. Meanwhile, the Bloodhound was introduced to conditional club “thousanders”. A total of six cars in history, including the Bloodhound, able to reach speeds of over 1000 km/hour.

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