The supercomputer has allowed the dispute to determine the best player between Ronaldo and Messi

Суперкомпьютер разрешил спор в определении лучшего игрока между Роналду и Месси

Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven, Belgium) founded in 1425, together with SciSports identified the best player between the captain of “Barcelona” Lionel Messi and a leader Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo.

Scientists used data from the players since the beginning of the season 2013/14 and up to the moment when Ronaldo has not made a transfer to Juventus in 2018. After that, they conducted a study using a supercomputer and a special computing algorithm.

The determining factor in the study was the 2015/16 season, in which the experts recorded significantly better results Messi.

“The value of a player is often defined by goals and assists. However, the goal is quite a rare event. You to understand that the match averages 1600 action. Our model considers each action – goals, pass, shoot, and then calculated their value”, – quotes the words of the scientist Tom Decroos with reference to Sporza.

“In the first seasons results Messi and Ronaldo are very close to each other. However, from 2015/16 Lionel started to beat his opponent. Messi is exceptional in that it has a very large number of actions with the ball, and they have a high value,” said Decroo.

Thus, the assessment of Leo made up 1.21 points. In turn, Cristiano received a total score of 0.61.

We will remind, in the current season Ronaldo has played 21 games in which he scored 12 goals and gave one assist.

On account of the Argentine – 15 goals and 9 assists in 18 matches.