The superduel in the UFC Nurmagomedov – Ferguson cancelled

Суперпоединок в UFC Нурмагомедов – Фергюсон отменен

Khabib Nurmagomedov

The battle between the champion of UFC in lightweight, Russian Habib Nurmagomedov and American Tony Ferguson, which was held April 18 as part of the UFC 24 will not take place.

This was stated by Nurmagomedov, while explaining the current situation of the match.

The fighter spoke about the quarantine and that he too must abide by it and not flying around the world. The Russians said that upset with the cancellation of the fight, but can not control the situation.

“Sitting at home in quarantine and read people’s reactions to the situation surrounding my fight. It turns out, the whole world has to sit in quarantine, the governments of all countries and famous people around the world are encouraged to follow safety requirements to limit the spread of the disease for the salvation of men, and Habib relieved of all obligations and needs to demonstrate free will and the training, flying around the world and risking their lives for the sake of fighting?

Understand and just as you are upset by the cancellation of the fight. I guess I, like everyone, had a lot of plans after the fight, but I can’t control all of it. Superpower and the largest companies of our time in shock from what was going on, every day the situation is unpredictable change. But Habib still have to fight, so? Take care of yourself and put yourself in my place,” wrote Nurmagomedov in his Instagram.

Previously, UFC President Dana white insisted that the match between Habib and Ferguson will be held April 18 “on the damn Ground.”

He added that when journalists and fans will need to find out where they will fight, he will surely say. He also noted that his athletes don’t have to worry about your health.