The Supreme court decided the fate of California law on ‘the state of refuge’ for illegal immigrants

The Supreme court decided on the request of the management of trump on the revision of the law on “state of refuge” in California, writes CNN.

Верховный суд решил судьбу закона Калифорнии о 'штате-убежище' для нелегалов

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Monday, June 15, the Supreme court upheld the lower court supporting one of the so-called California laws about shelters.

The law restricts cooperation between law enforcement agencies and Federal immigration authorities, this measure, according to the administration trump, designed to “undermine” the Federal immigration system.

The administration trump asked the court to step in and revise the law, and the court refused to do so.

Judge Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, two of the conservative members of the Court, supported the trial.

The law — and others like it — sparked a storm between the Federal government, which has made power to ensure the process of immigration a top priority, and some States, the authorities which declare that they have the right to determine how best to use their own resources.

During his speech before Congress in January, President Donald trump has expressed regret over the efforts of California, which he called “outrageous act”.