The Supreme court of Spain has decided to exhume the dictator Franco without authorization to work (PHOTO)

Верховный суд Испании решил, что эксгумировать диктатора Франко можно без разрешения на ведение работ (ФОТО)

The Supreme court (SC) of Spain ruled that the transfer of the remains of the dictator Francisco Franco (1892-1975) from the tomb in the monumental complex “Valley of the fallen” near Madrid do not need special authorization to work, reports TASS with reference to the common on Monday the decision of the SC.

Earlier, the judge of Madrid has suspended the permit to conduct work that was allegedly necessary to raise a tombstone over the grave of the dictator.

Sun, however, noted that these works had been agreed by the Council of Ministers of the country and “does not need municipal permission.” Thus, the government can implement the exhumation.

Seven grandchildren of the deceased has said that they intend to appeal the decision on the reburial place in the constitutional court of the country, and then, if necessary, the European court of human rights (ECHR). The reason for the violation, according to them, the Spanish and European laws that give preferential right to the family to decide on the fate of the remains of their loved ones.

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Francisco Franco led the Spanish nationalists revolt against the Second Spanish Republic in 1936. The uprising turned into a civil war that lasted until 1939. Spain Franco ruled from 1939 to 1975. He died at the age of 82 in Madrid hospital from a heart attack.

The complex where the dictator is buried, began to build in 1940 on the orders of the Caudillo in Spanish – “the leader”). as a monument to the memory of all those killed in the civil war. The construction of the “Valley of the fallen” was carried out by prisoners and was completed in 1958.

In 2018, the government and the Congress of deputies of Spain approved a decree giving a legal basis for the exhumation of the remains of Franco. The intention to conduct a reburial of the dictator announced in late June, Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez. Perezahoronen Franco, Spain, according to Sanchez, “will get rid of the ideas of his military-clerical dictatorship and their influence on the minds of the people.”

The dictator, presumably, will be reburied in a cemetery in El Pardo, not in the crypt of the Almudena Cathedral, as would the very influential family of Franco.

Initially, the Spanish government argued that he had no opportunities to interfere with the Franco family to rebury the remains of his ancestor in the Cathedral, but then changed his mind, proposing to seek such a solution, in which “the remains of Franco would be a decent place, but it could not become the object of any worship.”

The controversy over perezahoronenie revived interest in half-forgotten dictator. This summer the valley of the fallen were visited by more people than in all previous 20 years.