The Supreme Court rejects the appeal of survivors of the Sainte-Anne residential school

Supreme Court Dismisses Appeal by St. Anne Residential School Survivors


The Supreme Court has refused to hear appeals from survivors of the Sainte-Anne Indian residential school in northern Ontario, who are asking the federal government to release documents related to abuse committed by school staff. 

The plaintiffs were defeated in the Ontario Court of Appeal in May 2018.

Those They demanded that the details of a 2003 civil lawsuit be published, which they claim would have revealed more details about the abuses suffered by the survivors, and in turn, changed the content and value of their claims.

The Sainte-Anne boarding school is recognized as having been one of the worst for its treatment of hundreds of Aboriginal children during the last century.

“I don't have not yet considered the reasons,” Federal Justice Minister David Lametti said Thursday.

“We have tried to be cooperative with the prec edent court decision. We have tried not to destroy any documents. We have tried to make these materials available to families,” he continued.