The surly cat in the world: pet Ukrainka from Florida has become an Internet star

The most somber kitty in the world with a good heart, but a complex character — on the Internet to spread photos grumpy cat in the USA, which already has its own Instagram. This is stated in the TSN video.

Самая угрюмая кошка в мире: питомец украинки из Флориды стал звездой интернета

Screenshot: YouTube/TSN

She doesn’t like loud noises, but loves the owner. A cat named Kytsya almost 80 000 followers on Instagram. Photos grumpy cat send to friends to show how looks like a morning without coffee.

“It all started about 3 years ago. Our friends started coming to visit and saying, “Oh my God, what’s wrong with your cat?”, — says the hostess pussy Ukrainian Viktoria Otdelnov.

Victoria is already 6 years living in Florida. Kitten bought her husband.

“She’s somewhere in her month was very tiny, she fit in the palm of your hand. Husband said she seemed very nice, so he chose her,” says Victoria.

Cost the owner to have a page Instagram like the Internet it was called the successor of the famous cats Grumpy. Kytsya the same harsh appearance, and not only. Laugh at Kaze impossible, even if you really want, is to upset her.

“If laughing out loud, she approaches closer and begins to growl,” – says the hostess.

But really, says Victoria, Kytsya soft and adores people, just in their own way.

“Sometimes, when my husband was not at home, she can come and tumble at his feet, snuggle up to him, so he hugged her,” said Victoria.

The number of subscribers in KUCI is growing every day. Victoria bombarded with questions if there are t-shirts and other goods with a gloomy cat. And it is already beginning to think seriously of it. As over charity projects – they are Americans too. After all, if to ask for help with such a person, unless someone dares to refuse?



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