The surprising behavior of Tomasz Kammel in the “Question for breakfast” program. Iza Krzan's quick reaction saved the situation

A knock-up of Tomasz Kammel!

 Tomasz Kammel's surprising behavior in the

As reported by the portal” Hawk Post “, Tomasz Kammel fell asleep while running the “Question for Breakfast” program. The fans of the program could not believe what they were seeing. The quick reaction of the lunch manager saved the situation.

Tomasz Kammel had a big mishap.

Tomasz Kammel has been associated with the TVP station and the program “Question for breakfast” for many years. For a long time, his partner was Marzena Rogalska. When Rogalska decided to say goodbye to the public broadcaster, Iza Krzan took her place next to Kammel. The leader willingly uses the rich experience of her partner, although sometimes she saves him from oppression.

This was the case during the Tuesday release of the “Question for Breakfast” program. During the weather forecast, we could see what Tomasz Kammel was doing at that time. It turns out that the leader, taking advantage of the break, decided to take a nap a bit.

“(…) our leader, who got up at 4 am to look for you like a million dollars and now is just using these few minutes, it's the so-called “turbo nap” – said the weatherwoman, and the camera showed a journalist covered with a blanket.

When the weather was over, Iza Krzan woke her friend up with a smile saying that “Kammel got a good night's sleep.” The journalist was ready to work, although for a while he looked a bit sleepy and needed a moment to fully recover.

 Surprising behavior of Tomasz Kammel in in the

Did you expect that this is how the” Question for Breakfast “program looks like? Are you taking this as a slip-up or not?