The suspect in the attack of a racist nature undergoing tests at CAMH (PHOTO)


Подозреваемая в нападении расистского характера проходит обследование в CAMH  (ФОТО)

The girl made popular by posted online a video where she shouts racist insults and spits in the stranger on the square, Nathan Phillips Toronto is reportedly now undergoing tests at a local psychiatric institution.

On Tuesday, the 28-year-old tal Davidson (Talya Davidson) appeared in a Toronto courtroom, where she was presented as previously reported by the police, one count of assault and three charges of assault on peace officers.

According to journalists who were present at the hearing, the judge was notified of the details of the attacks near the city hall of Toronto, but the court imposed a ban on their publication.

In Star has reported that Davidson in handcuffs was brought into the courtroom by three security personnel. After hearing it brought five police officers, and was again taken into custody.

Newspaper Global News reported that Davidson “was disheveled and barefoot, as she was led in the chamber of detention”.

The girl’s father told reporters at the hearing that she has “mental health problems”, while one of the policemen said that she could be charged with additional assault charges for spitting into the court bailiff.

On Tuesday evening it was reported that Davidson is in the bullpen, “waiting for further examination in the Center for treatment of drug dependence and mental disorders (CAMH)”.

Meanwhile, as information spreads about her appearance, Twitter users blame each other for what Monday and Tuesday said that organized girl scene was a sophisticated production.

“Mental illness is not a hoax… In the past on Twitter there have already been precedents – wrote one user. – Two women were wrongly accused/subjected to attacks for political reasons”.

“Not a statement from the liberals: the woman who was carrying a banner with the name of tories and spit in a supporter of brown’s, was sent to a psychiatric hospital, another said. – The statement that it was a hoax, resulted in serious charges.”

The next court meeting with Davidson scheduled for 12 September.

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