The suspect with the gun in the paddy wagon was speccolor (PHOTO)

У подозреваемого с пистолетом в автозаке была спецкобура (ФОТО)

The chief of police of Toronto mark Saunders said that the gun the suspect in handcuffs pulled out of his pants, sitting on the back seat of a police car, was in a special holster that his staff “never seen” before.

“The type of device that was used to holster a firearm, absolutely unique,”said Saunders in interview with CP24 on Wednesday evening.

Incredible video, obtained by CTV News Toronto earlier this week, shows how a suspect in handcuffs in the back seat of the police car, reaches for his belt and pulls out a semiautomatic pistol.

Saunders confirmed that despite conducted a personal inspection of the suspect during the arrest, police found hidden in his pants the gun.

In released earlier this week, a press release from the police said that the police only then learned about the presence of weapons, when he heard it fell to the floor of the car.

Then, of course, they confiscated the gun, and the suspect was taken to the police station in the city centre.

Saunders explained that it was not uncommon for weapons to hide in layers of clothing, but noted that his staff had not met with the holster “on magnets”.

“We’ve never before seen. We published a summary of security staff to patrol knew that such equipment is in the public domain,” said Saunders.

“My training Department read the question, then figure out where to hide, how can hide, how we need to adapt or modify the methodology, and how we produce a personal search when it comes to this”.

He noted that the safety of the police officer has “paramount importance”, and said that he was glad no one was hurt.

“We’ll find out whether it is a matter of training or is it a disciplinary issue, he said. We need to make sure that you correctly interpret what is happening and learn from the mistakes”.

The Department in charge of professional standards of the police service will also conduct an investigation, as video of the incident was handed over to representatives of the media.

“Information leakage is disastrous for us. When you take the oath, you are not allowed to share information that came to you during the execution of your professional duties. By breaching this provision, you risk much and many,” said Saunders.

“The idiot filming it on video and send this video to his or her friends … threatens the community, threatens the police and jeopardizes any opportunity to investigate such incidents. So I want to fully investigate and prevent such behavior in the future.”

The suspect in the video, which police identified as 38-year-old Ali Sobega filed nine criminal charges, including several in connection with the presence of weapons, and one in connection with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.