The swindler from Florida, faces 22 years in prison for defrauding immigrants

In Florida, a graduate of the law faculty was posing as a licensed attorney,collecting personal data of clients of immigrant fictitious firms. This was reported on the official website of citizenship and immigration services (USCIS).

Мошеннице из Флориды грозит 22 года тюрьмы за обман иммигрантов

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Robert A. Guedes pleaded guilty to fraud and identity theft with aggravating circumstances in connection with the fraudulent scheme. She practiced law as a licensed attorney, although in fact the license she had. Guedes faces a maximum term of 22 years in Federal prison. The date of sentencing is not already installed.

In 2014, Guedes graduated from the law College, Stetson University, but twice failed the exam in Florida. She never had the right to engage in legal practice nor in Florida, nor in any other state.

Despite this, in the fall of 2014 Guedes set up two bogus law firms Ferguson and McKenzie LLC and the Law office of immigration and litigation, Inc.

Guedes charged customers-victims for their services, which ranged from representation in immigration proceedings to issues of family reunification. Sometimes posing as a licensed attorney, who allegedly had nothing to do with her fictitious law firms.

Through its fraudulent scheme Guedes filed applications and petitions for immigration, using the name of his former classmate and number of the attorney of Florida, and has performed several times in Federal immigration court in Orlando court County of Hillsborough, in the role of a licensed attorney.

Guedes continued his fraudulent scheme using personal information of other victims. For example, used a social security number, date of birth and other identifying information of one victim to open Bank accounts, credit cards and other lines of credit for personal expenses and business expenses for fictitious law firms.

Any person who was a possible victim or knows someone who might be, is urged to contact the internal security Service at 1-866-DHS-2ICE or by reference.