The Syrian army launched an offensive on the territory of the Kurds to counter the Turkey (PHOTO)

The Turkish military has strengthened its gains in Syria, gaining control over the highway about 30 km from the border. It looked like a quick success of the operation “the Source of peace”, whose aim is the elimination of the Kurdish groups, which Ankara considers terrorists. However, by the evening of 13 October it became known that the government forces have moved North, “to repel Turkish aggression.” Kurdish politician Ahmed Suleiman told Reuters that an agreement on this score was achieved on the Russian air base Hamim, writes “Kommersant”.

The fifth day of the operation “the Source of peace” from a military point of view at first looked to Ankara is quite successful. Around 15:00 President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the Turkish troops took control of the centre border town of RAS al-Ayn and settled in tel-Abyad. Literally two hours after this was reported complete capture of tel Abyad. State TV channel TRT showed a video in which a Pro-Turkish fighters of the “Syrian national army” cheering locals.

Erdogan also added that Turkey will not abandon its plans, in spite of any economic sanctions or arms embargoes from Western countries, because the Syrian regime can’t stand up to terrorists. Meanwhile on Sunday from the Syrian city of Ayn ISA, still under control of Kurds fled the supporters* and the families of militants. They were kept in the camp under the control of the Kurdish forces of the “Syrian democratic forces” (SDS), however, in the words of the Kurds themselves, they just are unable to provide sufficient protection due to the Turkish bombing. As stated by Reuters, the representative of SDS Camillo Marwan, a camp for 12 thousand people, guarded by only 60-70 of the security forces, although under normal circumstances, these were occupied by 700 people. The fugitives were about 800.

About the possibility of the escape of supporters of ISIS* Kurds warned from the very beginning of the operation. “No need to wait from us that we will take care of your people terrorists, while you quietly watch as our children are killed, people are forced to flee, and the region is ethnic cleansing,” – said in Twitter a press-the Secretary of SDS Mustafa Bali, referring to Western governments. While the Turkish state Anadolu news Agency, citing eyewitnesses reported that the Kurds themselves “set fire to the camp, allowing the terrorists to escape,” and BBC correspondent RIAM Dalati claimed that the guard “has ceased to perform its duties.”

The town of ain Issa are important for the Turkish troops in the first place so that it is on the boundary of the declared zone of the Turkish advance deep into Syrian territory – 30 km, and passes through the M4 highway that crosses the country from West to East. For control of this road was heavy fighting, but on Sunday, the Pro-Turkish groups have been able to set it on a post between Ayn ISA and tal-Tamrom. This leaves the militants* and their families three ways for a possible retreat in the direction of Raqqa (near which is the border between the zones of control of the Kurds and Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad), in the direction Manuja (under the control of the Kurds) or toward the Turkish border.

According to the head of the Islamic research Centre of the Institute of innovative development, expert of the Russian Council on international Affairs Kirill Semenov, supporters of the IG* will to retreat to the South, where there remain areas controlled by Islamic state*. According to experts, how many of the escaped prisoners are actually actively cooperated with the IG*, known as the Kurds were arrested for aiding ISIS* many Arabs Salafists, without any serious evidence. A number of experts insist that the released militants and their families can receive support in Turkey in 2015, when the Turkish-Syrian border controlled by ISIS*, the defense Ministry openly accused Ankara of oil trade with terrorists. Erdogan these charges are categorically rejected.

However, the most confusing and complicated question concerning the operation “the Source of peace” remains Washington’s position. Although initially the American troops are gone from the area alleged Turkish attack, 13 October, the President of the United States Donald trump announced the introduction of sanctions against Ankara. One of the initiators of the sanctions, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham harshly criticized the Turkish operation, but before that complained that the White house “refuses to act” at a time when Turkey “is not behaving as a good partner of NATO.” The Secretary of defense mark Esper stated that the “Syrian democratic forces” want to make a deal with the Syrians and the Russian Federation to counter-attack the Turks in the North.

Shortly thereafter, the Lebanese channel Al-Mayadeen, the Syrian state television reported on the nomination by government forces in the North, in the direction controlled by the Kurdish cities of Manbij and Kobani, “to resist Turkish aggression.” The member of the Kurdish democratic progressive party, Ahmed Suleiman told Reuters that an agreement was reached at the Russian military base Hamim. The expert of the Russian Council on international Affairs Kirill Semenov convinced that without an agreement with Turkey not done, but on the full reconciliation between the Kurds and the Syrian government are not talking. According to him, the Kurds want Assad only as temporary allies, but a full-fledged alternative to this, the Kurds do not have.

*Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.