The Taliban lifted the ban on the red cross, allowing them to resume work in Afghanistan (PHOTO)

Талибы сняли запрет с Красного Креста,  разрешив им возобновить работу в Афганистане (ФОТО)

Radical movement “Taliban”* lifted the ban on the activities of the International Committee of the red cross (ICRC) in the territory it controlled Afghanistan. In the near future the organization will resume its work in Afghanistan, reports Reuters. The decision was made after negotiations between the Taliban and the representatives of the ICRC in Qatar.

“The Islamic Emirate restores the original security guarantees of the ICRC in Afghanistan and directs all Mujahideen to pave the way for the activities of the ICRC and care for the safety of workers and equipment to this Committee”, – is told in the statement of the representative of the Taliban the Mujahideen Zabihullah.

The Taliban also guaranteed the security of an organization’s employees when performing their humanitarian functions.

The ICRC commented on the decision of the Taliban, saying that the organization’s staff has already begun work in all regions. In particular, renewed activity to search for the bodies of the victims and visit prisoners of war.

In April, the Taliban imposed a ban on the activities of the ICRC and the world health organization (who), claiming that they “behaved suspiciously during their vaccination campaigns by local residents.” Although the Taliban have not said this directly, their statements testified to the fact that doctors suspected of espionage. On the lifting of the ban in relation to who information is not received.

The Taliban controls up to 60% of the territory of Afghanistan.

*The Taliban (the Taliban) – the group recognized as the decision of the Supreme court dated 14 February 2003 as a terrorist organization. Its activity in Russia is prohibited.