The tariff for transporting gas dispute in the court

Lawyers of the public organization “Chuguev human rights group” and the Public justice center filed a lawsuit against the national Commission with a demand to declare illegal the decree establishing the tariff for gas transportation.

Тариф на транспортировку газа оспорят в суде

The Commission approved for the “Harkovgaz” the tariff for fuel transportation in the amount of 1.23 hryvnia per cubic meter.

According to lawyer Roman Likhachev, the Law of Ukraine “On housing and communal services” suggests that the consumer has the right to know the tariff structure. However, in the documents, according to which determines the cost of transporting gas, there are no detailed calculations.

“The tariff structure includes, for example, the purchase of individual meters and their maintenance. I am sure that in the majority of apartments at the moment the counter not. So why should people pay for their inspection? If you put the question on the correct tariff, we should start with the establishment of the counters. They should be free in all houses, as is done in all developed and civilized countries,” — said the activist.

Also the cost of transporting gas consists of “other costs”.

“The rate must always be specified, do not include vague concepts such as “other costs”. Moreover, we do not know what kind of fuel who hoped the price, how many entrances, and where did this figure,” adds Roman.

The question remains: who owns the pipes through which gas is transported. Because much of the piping was bought by certain groups of people bringing gas to their homes.

“We do not understand the status of this transmission system. If it belongs to the people of Ukraine, why is the money for the transportation of gas receives not the people of Ukraine and certain companies?”, — asks the lawyer.

The cost of labor also remain unspecified. There is no information how many teams will work, who they involve, what experts determined salary, and how many miles of gas transportation system they serve.

At the moment, “Chuguev human rights group” expects a summons from the Kharkiv district administrative court.

Recall that from January, for consumers gas changed the order of payment. Instead of one the usual bills users have got divided over two services: separately for gas, separately for transportation.