The teacher filed a complaint against the government of Ontario in connection with a change in the number of students in classroom (PHOTO)

Учителя подали жалобу на правительство Онтарио в связи с изменением количества учеников в классах   (ФОТО)

The Union representing teachers in the Catholic schools in Ontario, filed a complaint against the provincial government in labour relations Board of Ontario in connection with recent changes in class size.

In a statement, the Association of teachers of English Catholic schools in Ontario (Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association) said that the province essentially has violated the procedure of negotiations on the conclusion of contracts, when last month introduced amendments to rules regarding class sizes .

It says that the changes violate the provisions of the Law “On negotiations on the conclusion of collective agreements school boards and the Act On labour relations of Ontario”, which States that the terms of the contract can not be changed during negotiations.

In the spring, the government announced that within four years, class size in high school will increase from 22 to 28 people. The classes from the 4th to the 8th year of training will increase per pupil in the classroom: from 23 to 24.

The province said it will mean a reduction in the number of teachers in the system at 3475 people for four years, which should be achieved by the waiver vacancies occur in the dismissal of teachers on their own, or retirement.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce said last month that the province was ready to discuss a smaller increase in class size.

These changes also cause anxiety in those who work in the public education system.

The canadian Union of civil servants, which is including educators, announced earlier this week that its members have voted overwhelmingly for strike action.

In accordance with the law, the Union may go on strike from September 30, while the mediator has imposed a ban on media coverage of the ongoing negotiations.

Contracts for teachers Ontario public school and education employees expired on August 31, and the main trade unions are different, but mostly the early stages of negotiations.