The team of Formula 1 for the first time in the history of “drove” in 1 litre of engine 625 horsepower

Команда Формулы-1 впервые в истории "загнала" в 1 литр двигателя 625 лошадиных сил

Motor Renault was the first among modern Formula 1 teams broke the mark of 1,000 horsepower.

This was confirmed by the head of the formula one team Renault Cyril abiteboul.

“We have a powerful engine, and we don’t doubt it. Several steps ago we surpassed the mark of 1,000 HP

However, we can’t always use full power, as there are issues with reliability”, – quotes the chief of the team

Given the fact that in the Formula-1 used 6-cylinder engines with a volume not to exceed 1.6 liters, we can say that the mechanics of the French carmaker succeeded in 1 liter of motor “drive” 625 horsepower, which is a record in the history of Motorsport.