The team of the Formula 1 have a pit-stop in zero gravity (video)

Команда Формулы-1 провела пит-стоп в невесомости (видео)

Team technical support team in Formula 1 “Red bull”, after the mechanics of the team broke the record for the duration of the pit stop at the Grand Prix of Brazil (1,82 sec.) deciding what on Earth they have no equal, went to conquer space, and a pit-stop in zero gravity.

Pit stop held at a height of almost 10 thousand meters on Board the aircraft Il-76 MDK, where you are training cosmonauts in conditions of simulated weightlessness, reported on the official website of the Austrian team..

With the help of specialists of the state Corporation “Roscosmos” the team has delivered his debut in Formula 1 bolid – RB1 2005, Scientific-research testing center of cosmonaut training. Yuri Gagarin in Star city.

Throughout the week, 16 team members received intensive training astronauts to efficiently perform multiple flights in conditions of weightlessness on the plane, along with the Formula 1 race car and crew consisting of 10 people.

Each flight was carried out on a parabolic trajectory: first, the plane is raised to an angle of 45°, and then swooped down in a free fall down in an arc, creating during the maneuver is approximately 22 seconds of weightlessness before the next takeoff.

As it turned out, the most difficult part in carrying out a pit stop had to land the car on the floor of the aircraft, for which several mechanics had worked very hard to overcome the weightlessness of the car.

Of course, the speed of the pit stop aboard the plane were slightly lower than in Brazil. But of 1.82 sec. born not at once.

Video record for weightlessness pit stop – the official website of Red bull.