The team of the Formula 1 took part in the creation of the fastest tractor in the world with a speed of 250 km/h (photo)

Engineering division team in Formula 1 “Williams” – Williams Advanced Engineering was involved in the innovative project.

The British undertook the modernization of serial tractor JCB Fastrac, to create the world’s fastest vehicle of this kind, the official website of “Williams”.

With the aim of improving the aerodynamic qualities of the tractor engineers have carried 65 simulations. Also changes were made to the underbody of the car and its cabin. As a result of hard work drag has been reduced by a quarter.

After this update the wheel of a tractor sat racer and TV presenter guy Martin, who managed in one race to disperse such a difficult technique to 247,4 km/h, which is a record.

In the end the result was derived by the sum of two attempts, and the average speed was 217,5 km/h.

However, it has not prevented to bring the upgraded JCB Fastrac in the Guinness Book of records on the rights for the fastest tractor in the world.

We will add that in the direct business, “Williams” races of the Formula 1 business the once legendary team, 9-time winner of the Cup of designers whose riders 7 time Champions, not so brilliant.

Before the last Grand Prix of the season – GP of Abu Dhabi, which will take place next week, “Williams” mired in last place.