The teenager was convicted of extortion and threats (PHOTOS)

Подростка признали виновным в вымогательстве и угрозах (ФОТО)

A teenager from Newfoundland, was convicted of extortion and saying the threats expressed in his words to the high school student, where he also learns that will bring to school an AK-47 and start shooting people if he does not pay for the broken device for vaping.

The provincial court judge in corner brook Wayne Gorman outlined his rationale in the decision on the sentence imposed last Thursday, September 12.

The young man, whose identity was not disclosed in accordance with the law on criminal proceedings against minors, to threaten the youth at younger ages during the telephone call in February.

The defendant stated to the victim the young man that if he did not pay him for the damaged vaping, it will bring AK-47 to school and shoot at others and start with the victim and his friend.

The decision States that the court the incident was confirmed by several other students who witnessed the defendant called, and clearly remembered what he had heard about the shooting or AK-47.

Gorman noted that, in his opinion, in fact the young man did not intend to shoot anyone, but he was convinced that the accused threatened to intimidate the other boy, forcing him thus to pay him for vaping.