The temporary “locker room” of the teams which will visit the Arizona Coyotes is talking

The temporary “locker room” for teams visiting the Arizona Coyotes chat


The Arizona Coyotes will finally play their first game at Mullett Arena in Tempe on Friday and the criticism of their tiny 5,000-seat home isn't going away, quite the contrary.

The American desert team had to resolve, with the blessing of the National Hockey League (NHL), to move its household into a building more suited to the needs of its roommates, the Sun Devils of Arizona State University. Indeed, as many websites and media have illustrated this week, the new Coyotes facilities are far from worthy of a professional sports organization. Moreover, a few days before the visit of the Winnipeg Jets, there was still a lot of work to be done to make the premises functional.

So the “PHX Coyotes” podcast tweeted some footage of visiting club areas in Tempe on Wednesday. The video shows in particular a large area divided by large black curtains and panels on which employees set up the “cloakroom”. It is easy to understand that it will be set up on a secondary ice rink (without ice and covered with mats).

The solution put forward by the organization concerned is temporary, because the appendix reserved for teams passing through the Mullett Arena should be finalized in December. Until then, the Coyotes will play their next four games at home, before hitting the road for 14 games. They'll be back home on December 9 only.

Having regularly struggled to sell tickets, the “Yotes” told ESPN in September they expected to sell out, according to their president Xavier Gutierrez.