The tendril found out the name of the new opponent: they became American pharmacist

Усик узнал имя нового соперника: им стал американский фармацевт

The undefeated Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik (16 wins, 12 of them by knockout) which duel with the Dutchman Tyrone Spong was cancelled because Italy beat rival, got a new opponent for his debut in the heavyweight division.

To them became 38-year-old experienced American Chazz Witherspoon (38 wins, 29 of them by knockout, 3 losses), who have won eight games in a row and the last defeat for more than seven years ago, in April 2012. It is noteworthy that a new opponent has Ukrainian diploma of higher education in the field of pharmaceutical marketing.

Усик узнал имя нового соперника: им стал американский фармацевт

I can’t wait to see you with a Mustache in Chicago. I was preparing for a serious battle. Alexander moved to the heavyweight division — he knows that is a completely different game. I won his last eight fights, and I really feel that waiting in the wings a huge opportunity like this. Going to make every effort in the fight in the ring“—quoted Witherspoon Matchroom Boxing.

Note that Cassa was the ban on fighting until November 20 imposed by the Athletic Commission of Pennsylvania, for refusing to fight. But apparently it does not apply outside of the state because the battle with the Mustache in Chicago will take place at the agreed earlier time boxers come in the ring Wintrust Arena on Saturday, October 12.


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