The tendril – Witherspoon: published statistics of strikes (photo)

Усик – Уизерспун: опубликована статистика ударов (фото)

Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik (17 wins, 13 KOs) made a successful debut in the heavyweight division ahead of schedule after completing the fight, held in Chicago, against the American Chazza Witherspoon (38 wins, 29 of them by knockout, 4 losses).

Fans filled the stands, Wintrust Arena, provided our national home atmosphere, most of it was with Ukrainian flags, and Alexander thanked them bright box and with a confident victory.

According to the published statistics of strikes, Mustache threw his opponent 347 bumps, 139 of which proved to be accurate (40.1 per cent). As for Witherspoon, that he has thrown 208 strikes, but only 21 of them hit the target (10.1 percent). Only the Ukrainians have passed 56 jabs (American — five) and 86 power strokes (16 Cassa).

Усик – Уизерспун: опубликована статистика ударов (фото)

resident of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on the phone congratulated Mustache with a victory.

Photo By Matchroom Boxing

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