The tendril – Witherspoon: the full video of the fight

Усик – Уизерспун: полное видео боя

In Chicago (USA) at Wintrust Arena was the fight between Ukrainian Alexander Usik (17 wins, 13 of them by knockout) and American Custom Witherspoon (38 wins, 29 of them by knockout, 4 losses).

Krymchanin a long way to make their debut in the heavyweight division. His last fight Alexander held in November last year, defending their championship titles in the first heavy weight in the confrontation with the British Tony Bellew. After that, the Tendril was in may to fight the Cameroonian Carlos takama, but the fight was cancelled due to injury of the biceps of Ukrainian. Then he had to go into the ring against the Dutchman Tyrone Spong, but in less than a week before the fight became aware of the positive doping test of the opponent of Alexander. Finally, managers of Ukrainian expeditiously agreed with the American Custom Witherspoon, who became the first rival in the new weight category.

All the experts and fans expected that the American will not be able to provide adequate resistance to our compatriot. But in the first round Chazz denied all predictions and brought certain problems to the Mustache. However, round after round, Alexander crept closer to the opponent, dealing, striking a series of blows to the head and body of Americans that ultimately led to failure from Witherspoon to continue the fight after the seventh round.

Frankly, a little had nervous after a change of opponent, although no one showed, but then pulled herself together, asked the God for help and he helped me. The big difference between kruzerveyt and chavibetol I didn’t notice. Yes, and I have previously boxed in superteach, so nothing new for me was not. I can say that I am ready to fight with the best fighters in the heavyweight division — Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz and others. And if you give me the opportunity to fight for a title in the next match, I am ready to use it, “said Barbel in the post-fight comments in the ring.

Note that after the battle, Alexander came to the corner of Witherspoon and gentlemanly gesture thanked the opponent for a duel.


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