The tests confirmed COVID-19 from papaya and goats, who denies the poor quality of the tests

In Tanzania, the national laboratory confirmed COVID-19 in samples of papaya and analyses from goats, reports the observer.

Тесты подтвердили COVID-19 у папайи и козы: ВОЗ отрицает плохое качество тестов

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The President of Tanzania conducted an experiment with tests COVID-19. As a result, the tests showed that the infection allegedly, there are not only people, but goats and fruit, and hence the tests are wrong. However, the who and the Center for control and prevention of diseases from charges denied – according to them, it is not a test.

May 3 the President of Tanzania John Magufuli said that the tests that are carried out by the national laboratory of health, unreliable. It happened after they had specifically sent for review a sample of fruit, and even motor oil under the guise of human tests – some of them confirmed the coronavirus. At the same time John Magufuli did not rule out that the test kits can be faulty. The country of origin of the tests he did not name.

“For example, oil from the supposedly 30-year-old man named Jabir Hamza – negative. We sent a sample of the fruit of the breadfruit tree from the alleged 45-year-old woman named Sarah Samvel – final result is not established. And when we gave the study a sample of papaya and named his 26-year-old Elizabeth Ann, in fruit found the coronavirus,” said Magufuli.

In addition, given the positive test samples taken from poultry and goats. As a result, after the incident, the Director of laboratory and head of the quality Department was suspended from work.

However, the head of the African Centre for control and prevention of diseases, John Nkengasong said that the tests “very good”, but in the laboratory investigation, the results of which will soon be reported. According to him, in Africa, in addition to tests from the who, are those that are provided by charitable Fund Jack MA. They are used in other countries where supposedly no complaints.

“In the last few weeks and months, we have extended the tests of the Fund Jack MA that have been tested and proven reliable,” said Nkengasong.

The head of the who in Africa, Matshidiso Moeti agreed with this statement and noted, tests and from who, and from Jack MA tested and can’t fail is so critical.

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