The therapist said, why beet is beneficial to hypertensive patients

Autumn is a time for fresh crop of beets. The therapist talks about what this “”super “” useful, why it is recommended for people with hypertension and who beets should be avoided.

Терапевт рассказал, почему свекла полезна гипертоникам

“Beetroot contains a lot of nitrogen compounds, especially in beet juice. Because of this, he are relaxing the walls of blood vessels, helps to lower and stabilize blood pressure. To get the maximum benefit, give the juice has settled, do not drink immediately. In 20 minutes you can dilute the juice with Apple or carrots and a drink. However, remember that beetroot contains a lot of sugar, so if you have diabetes or problems with blood sugar and weight management, control the use of such beverages.” — said the doctor-therapist.

Other benefits of beets?

Beet is recommended for colds, as it helps to get rid of a cold and sore throat, strengthen the immune system. For those who follow the health of the skin, should at least occasionally include beets in the diet, as it helps to make the skin more supple and elastic.

In addition, beets contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, especially b vitamins, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, boron. It has long been used for “cleaning the vessel” to prevent the development of atherosclerosis.

Who should not eat beets?

Beets are quite versatile useful product, however, people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract it is not recommended to use raw, since it is difficult to digest and causes irritation. Cooked beetroot in contrast, is quite gentle on the gastrointestinal tract. Just do not eat beets pounds — it will lead to gastrointestinal disorders and even diarrhea.