The therapist told me about diseases, emerging “cherry” in the winter

An unusually warm winter, which forecasters called “cherry”, is fraught with serious danger to health. As stated by an experienced therapist Victor Lichine, abnormal heat stimulates the development of viruses and bacteria, increasing the risk of infectious diseases.

Терапевт рассказал о болезнях, возникающих «вишневой» зимой

The main threat to humans in the winter is lowering its immune system, which tends to decline not only at low temperatures, but also in their oscillation. Besides creating the perfect environment for viruses are inclined in these circumstances to mutations. A special concern of the specialists cause viral pneumonia: this disease did not develop in less than a week, but now it is enough just a few days.

To reduce the risk of catching infections, it is necessary to sleep well, eat well, worry less, and exercise. By the way, regular exercises have a cleansing effect on the body as an active lifestyle can protect even against hereditary diseases, and this technique works not only during the “winter cherry”.