The thief old violin, valued at 325 million dollars, returned it to the owner

Похититель старинной скрипки, оцененной в 325 тыс. долларов, вернул ее владельцу

This case, though naturally, but still happy.

As recently told Lenta. UA, London resident and musician Stephen Morris left the recording Studio Abbey Road, the evening took a train to London Victoria-Orpington, put on the Luggage rack his violin in the white box, left the station Peng (quiet neighborhood in South East London), and the violin was left on the Luggage rack. And all this wouldn’t be so bad if not for one thing – the violin was made in 1709, the year of German-Italian artist David Tecchler, more really known as a cello master, and valued it at $325 thousand

Afterthought, Morris appealed to the traffic police and even the BBC, where he asked whoever took the violin to get her back. Here it should be noted that Morris is a musician known. He has performed as soloist in leading British orchestras and as a session musician and recorded with such stars as U2, David Gilmore, Stevie wonder and James brown. And, speaking on the BBC with a request to return the violin, he just said that he feels as if he cut off his hand. Because London is literally dotted with security cameras, the police have a photo of a man who about midnight came out of the train with conspicuous white violin hard case, and then moved to another train. But his traces were lost. And finally, it tells The Gardian, the story ended happily.

With Morris on Twitter contacted the man, who introduced himself as Jin, said he knew the person shown in the photograph. (As you can see from the future, he himself the man was). It turned out that Jin wants to return the violin to its owner, however, doesn’t want him arrested. Fortunately, Morris has a friend, Mike Pannett, a police officer from Scotland Yard, retired, whom he met on a fishing trip. He further talks, which lasted two days, and fell twice. In the end they agreed that Jean will return the violin Morris at 10 PM in the Parking lot near one of the railway stations. Despite the “gentleman’s agreement” in the ambush in the Parking lot there were several police officers. As said Pannett, who watched the meeting, on the face of Gina, who returned the violin Morris, was written a huge relief.

Похититель старинной скрипки, оцененной в 325 тыс. долларов, вернул ее владельцу

Stephen Morris plays in the BBC Studio returned to the violin.

Add to this story is that Morris is indeed very lucky. There are many such cases, when the impulsive theft or finds random people become the owners of precious rarities – most often paintings, but there are musical instruments, etc. If the theft has not been registered, they are very quickly convinced that to sell the stolen impossible, especially if, as in the case with the fiddle Morris, the story became public – no dealer or collector doesn’t want to get sued as a fence.

Usually in such cases, professional thieves, desperate to find a buyer and fear the police, just destroy the picture, thus eliminating the evidence. The most famous rid of this kind occurred in 2001-m to year, when France’s mother caught the thief without his knowledge, destroyed all stolen works of art, which he kept at her house. The total value of the paintings torn and drowned in the river of the jewelry was estimated then in $1.15 billion is Likely an exaggeration, but the figure gives an idea of the scale.

So that “gene” could this violin in a panic to burn or drown. However, the police had his photo from a surveillance camera – but to logic in this situation? And Morris has appeared with his violin on TV, said that has not yet recovered from the shock, and played on it the hymn “amazing grace”.