The third case was disguised Trudeau (PHOTO)

Зарегистрирован третий случай загримированного Трюдо (ФОТО)

Journalists Global News found a video with the participation of liberal leader Justin Trudeau with black makeup on his face – a third example of cross-dressing racist, a devotee of publicity over the last 12 hours.

It is not clear when and where it was taken, but on the record, exclusive rights to which belong to Global News, you can see Trudeau face, densely covered with dark make-up, raises his hands, laughing, shows the language and building faces. On it white t-shirt and jeans torn at the knees. Hands and feet also seems to have been smeared in black paint. There is no reason to assume that the time and place the video match the time and place other pictures of Trudeau in the dark makeup, which appeared in the past day.

Staff Global News received a video from a source earlier this week, but found out its accuracy before publication. Early on Thursday morning the main organizer of the election campaign the Liberal party confirmed that it was Trudeau, but refused to comment further, simply saying that Global News will find everything in the speech Trudeau on this issue, which he said Wednesday night. The source is not the author of the video, but the Global News was able to reach a human, presumably shot video. Unfortunately, likely the Creator did not give any confirmations or denials regarding the main character of the video, neither about the place and time of shooting.

A short video is the third case showing Trudeau in brown or black makeup.

The first “swallow” was published by Time magazine photo depicting Trudeau in 2001 at the thematic event “Arabian nights” organized by the West Point Grey Academy, a private school in British Columbia, where he worked as a teacher. School officials refused to comment.

In the second such offense he admitted when he apologized for the first evidence of this disguised racism is the photo from the talent show in high school, where he performed the song “Day-O”, also putting on make-up. Global News can’t claim that this photograph is the one referred to by Trudeau on Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday, Trudeau apologized, saying that while he didn’t think his actions are racist. Now, according to him, he admits that to put on brown face make-up is racist and regrets his actions.

“I shouldn’t have to do that, he said. – I should first like to consider, but I didn’t, and I’m sorry.”