The three main stages for efficient weight loss

Any woman can lose weight extreme risk to health or rationally.

The last option will allow to consolidate the results for a long time, said dietitian Elena Cullen in Instagram.

Названы три главных этапа для рационального похудения

According to her, sustainable weight loss consists of 3 stages:

1. Bowel cleansing.

“99% of people with excess weight disturbed the intestinal flora, which hinders the process of digestion,” – said the expert.

2. The change in dietary habits.

“You must learn to ask themselves the question “What do I really want?”. Understanding your true desires is the understanding that in itself needs to change,” explained nutritionist.

3. Fixation was achieved.

According to Cullen, this stage is very important that the weight never came back: “it is Important to continue to build good habits and start to disperse the metabolism.”

In addition, she stressed that only this sequence of action ensures consistent achievement of results and commit for life.