The three suspects charged in connection with blocking events of the people’s Party in Hamilton (PHOTO)

Трем подозреваемым предъявлены обвинения в связи с блокированием мероприятия Народной Партии в Гамильтоне  (ФОТО)

Police in Hamilton have charged three suspects, including the son of the owners of the Syrian restaurant in Toronto, in connection with the protest against the events of the people’s party of Canada in Hamilton last month.

On September 29 a group of protesters surrounded the Center of theatrical arts McIntyre College Mohawk (College’Mohawk’s McIntyre Performing Arts Centre), where the far-right national party of Canada was to hold a political rally.

Footage of the incident appeared on the Internet, demonstrated how a few protesters attack an elderly woman near the building of the College.

One protester called the woman “Nazi scum” and put his foot in front of her Walker to keep her from entering the building.

Social media users accused of Alsufi Alaa, a Syrian migrant, whose parents own a restaurant Soufi street Queen Street West, that he was one of those three that oppose the older woman to enter the building.

The ensuing wave of indignation in social networks has led to the fact that the young man and his parents, Hussam and Shahnaz, began to threaten with punishment.

In the end, they decided to close the restaurant, parallel to contacting the Toronto police a statement about the fact that in them the offence was committed in hate.

Parents confirmed that their son participated in the protest at Mohawk College on September 29, but he denied that verbally or physically abused an elderly woman.

Then in history had the CEO of Paramount Fine Foods, Mohamad Fakih, who offered to his workers helped re-open the restaurant while the family temporarily retired to recover from all the turmoil.

Meanwhile, police in Hamilton said it continues to investigate the incident.

“The police of Hamilton have additionally watched numerous videos from a range of sources, including the media and social media. Our analysis reveals several criminal crimes and identified suspects,” reads a police statement on Wednesday.

Tuesday and Wednesday were arrested three men, including 27-year-old Alsufi.

Alsufi was indicted on two counts of intimidation, as well as in connection with the use of disguise with intent to commit a crime, subject to criminal prosecution, and violation of public order.

Second, the 33-year-old Kevin Metcalfe of Toronto, were accused of obstructing the work of law enforcement.

Third, the 30-year-old Maximiliano Herrera, from Hamilton, was charged with intimidation and assault.

All three will appear at the courthouse in Hamilton on Wednesday for a bail hearing.

In an interview on 11 October father Alsufi stated that he considered the deed his son a “mistake.”

He added that he is in contact with the adult son of an elderly woman, which is not allowed to enter, and would like to meet them and perhaps to invite their family to your restaurant.

Her son wrote on Twitter that they met on October 12.

Investigators say there are two more victims of assaults that occurred in connection with the event. At the moment, they have not been able to contact them.

In one case, attacked the man who filmed everything on your mobile phone. Another suspect knocked the hat from his head women.

Hamilton police also said they arrested four people at the protest that day, and they were all later released unconditionally.

The people’s party of Canada – the far-right party, founded by a former Cabinet Minister of the Harper, Maxime Bernier.

Bernier, who became the second in the fight for the post of leader of the conservatives, which was supposed to replace Harper, advocated that the level of immigration to Canada has been approximately halved and that future migrants have been full-time “test” or interview on the knowledge of the values of the country before you let them into Canada.

Like all 337 candidates of his party running for Federal elections on Monday, Bernier failed to get a place in the House of Commons.