The three vegetables that will help to cleanse the kidneys

During the heyday of farmaindustria, with a large number of various drugs on the market, we sometimes forget about the simple foods that can help us prevent many diseases, including those associated with the kidneys.

Названы три овоща, которые помогут очистить почки

As experts say, if you add in the daily diet of some vegetables, it is possible to reduce the risk of kidney disease. First of all, we are talking about cabbage. This useful product contains phytochemicals, which help remove toxins from the human body.

For the prevention of diseases associated with the kidneys and also asparagus. In addition, it contains huge amounts of vitamins a and C.

We can not say about Luke, about the useful properties of which speak for a long time. It is rich in flavonoids and quercetin and also helps to remove from the kidneys of harmful and toxic substances.

In addition, if you want to maintain the health of their kidneys and body as a whole, the experts recommend to abandon the use of alcoholic drinks, sweets and fast food.