The Times named the Russians mentioned in the unpublished report about the illegal participation of Russia in British political life (PHOTO)

The Times назвала имена россиян, упомянутых в неопубликованном докладе о незаконном участии России в британской политической жизни (ФОТО)

November 4, the UK authorities had to publish a report on the theme of “Russian meddling” in British politics, in particular, in a referendum on Brexit. The publication was postponed until the moment in the UK elections, scheduled for December 12. However, the names of the nine businessmen of Russian origin – sponsors of the Conservative party, published in gezete The Times, reports “Interfax”.

In particular, the report referred to former Vice-President and Deputy Chairman of the Board of the oil company YUKOS Alexander Temerko, who for the past seven years, according to the report, donated to the conservatives of 1.2 million pounds. Since 2011 he is a citizen of the UK.

In July, the former shareholder of Yukos Leonid Nevzlin has confirmed to Reuters that Temerko was strong and long-standing ties with Russian intelligence, and he knew Patrushev. According to Nevzlin, Temerko included in the shareholders of the oil company largely because of his ties to power structures.

The other major sponsor of the conservatives, according to The Times, the report names and Love Chernukhina, the wife of former Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Chernukhin. It is only last year donated a batch of more than 450 thousand pounds.

In addition, the report mentions the name of Evgeny Lebedev, son of Alexander Lebedev, who owns London’s Evening Standard newspaper.

The Times recalled that Evgeny Lebedev invited Boris Johnson when he was the head of the British foreign office, to parties in family-run estate near Perugia in Italy.

“We do not know in what part of the report – open or confidential mentioned these names,” The Times noted.

According to the publication, “the British intelligence community incensed by the delay of the publication of the report, as measures to protect sensitive information have been made”. However, when the report could be published is still unknown.

A report of 50 pages was the result of an 18-month investigation of the Committee on intelligence and security of the British Parliament.

Last Tuesday, the newspaper The Independent, citing Deputy foreign Minister Christopher Pincher wrote that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is too busy with Affairs concerning the country’s withdrawal from the EU to study this report.