The top management of Naftogaz halved payouts

Топ-менеджменту Нафтогаза вдвое сократили выплаты

In 2019 the payment of the company’s management spent 343 million, while a year earlier 717 million.

For 2019 top managers of Naftogaz has paid salaries and bonuses to 342 million, shows the company’s annual report.

“For 2019 management personnel consisted of 5 members and 11 Board of Directors (in 2018: 6 Board members and 9 Directors). Compensation of management personnel, included in other operating expenses included salaries and additional current premiums and amounted to 343 million UAH (in 2018 717 million UAH)”, — the document says.

So, Board members received 117,6 million. In particular, the head of the Board Andrei KOBOLEV received UAH 21.2 million (including 4.6 million UAH of taxes and fees). It is noted that almost all the funds it transferred to charity.

Member of the management Board Sergey Pereloma received in the past year, 25.7 million UAH, Sergey Conover and 29.9 million UAH, Yuri Kolbushkin — 22,1 million UAH, Nikolai Gavrilenko — 18.7 mln UAH.

31 December 2019, the company employed 55 078 people. It is alleged that during the year the average salary in the company increased by 34%.

Summable previously reported that the amount of its monthly zaplatyat “more than seven digits before the comma”. And the media have estimated that the head of Naftogaz earns at least 10 million hryvnia per month. But in March he signed a new contract with lower wages.

According to the report, last year the profits of the Naftogaz of Ukraine increased by 4.5 times and amounted to 63.3 billion.