The Toronto residents face fines for failing to remove snow from sidewalks (PHOTOS)

Жителям Торонто грозит штраф за нежелание убирать снег с тротуаров (ФОТО)

Sidewalks in Toronto already quietly fills up with snow, and the process of snow removal this year started earlier than usual this year.

But, it turned out that not only the city should clean the sidewalks of snow and sprinkle them with salt.

As reported by the administration of Toronto residents within 12 hours after a snowfall not positivie adjacent to their property, the sidewalks, will be punished by hefty fines.

“Entrepreneurs and property owners are responsible for removing ice and snow from sidewalks, driveways, Parking spaces, steps, ramps and unloading sites within 12 hours after a snowfall to ensure the safety of people and vehicles,” – said on the website of the municipality.

“Clearing ice and snow from the sidewalk in front of your house or enterprise will make it safer for all. Failure to do so can lead to fines.”

In the Chapter about removing snow and ice municipal code Toronto owners or residents are required to clear away and completely remove snow and ice around the building.

The owners are also required to sprinkle ashes, sand, salt or any other suitable material walkways, if they become slippery.

In accordance with rules adopted by the city administration, the fine for uncleared snow on private property is $455 plus $115 extra tax, which in the end gives you $570.

The penalty for non-compliance with snow removal on the territory of public property is $100 plus $25 additional tax, giving a total of $125, as indicated in the order of the city administration on cleaning of snow and ice.

While urban services, mechanically clearing the pavements of snow in many parts of Toronto, for some reason they are ignoring in this respect the city centre.

Although this topic has caused much debate in the city Council, expected to make changes in the rules of snow removal in the near future is not necessary.