The train demolished the bus at the crossing: there is a video terrible accident in Kazakhstan

Поезд снес автобус на переезде: появилось видео жуткого ДТП в Казахстане

In Kazakhstan, the train crashed into a passenger bus in the accident at a Shamalgan station, two people were killed and 9 were injured. This writes Kazinform.

It is reported that the accident occurred around 19:20 (16:20 Moscow time) near Shamalgan station in Almaty region, the train followed the route Ekaterinburg-Alma-ATA.

“According to preliminary data, at the accident scene at the station Shamalgan two people were killed and 9 injured. At the site there are ambulances in sufficient quantity. In addition to the scene is the Governor of the Karasai district Zhandarbek Dalabaev. The closest hospital and transferred to the strengthened mode” — said the press service of akimat of Almaty region.

According to the adviser of the Minister of industry and infrastructural development of the Republic Ruslan Imankulov, the bus driver drove onto the railroad tracks, despite the traffic signals.

It is reported that the police began pre-judicial investigation on h. 3 of article 345 of the criminal code (violation of traffic rules or operation of vehicles by persons driving vehicles).

As previously reported “FACTS” in the Lviv region, school bus driver, almost dropping the kids under the train.

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