The transaction was “clean as a whistle”: the President of Serbia reacted to the scandal with the sale of weapons…

Сделка была "чистой как слеза": президент Сербии отреагировал на скандал с продажей оружия...

The President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said that his country did not sell weapons to Ukraine, however, admitted that Serb mortar shells could still be in the Donbas. He stated in Northern Macedonia.

“They (opposition — Ed.) accused us of the murder of Russian children in Donetsk and Lugansk, because we sell weapons to Ukraine. They want the deterioration of relations between our country and Russia”, — he said.

“with reference to the Serbian portal N1info.

From the documents that the Serbian company “Tekhnoremont” purchased party min production plant “Krusik” from the seller Jugoimport SDPR, sold the Polish company Nattan, a representative of which was actually a citizen of Ukraine Vitaly Dementyev, and then got ammunition to Ukraine.

Vucic said that the Ministry of Commerce of Serbia allowed the company to “Tekhnoremont” to sell arms to the Polish company Nattan, who in documents released by opozitsionery named the final recipient of the weapons.

The Serbian President assured that although everything was done according to the law and the transaction was “clean as a tear”, however, the Serbian secret services warned the foreign intelligence Service of Russia on the possible re-export of weapons in Ukraine.

In Serbia there are no legal restrictions on the export of weapons to Ukraine, but the fact of the appearance of such weapons in the Donbass creates problems for Vucic, who is known as friend of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Note that despite the friendship between Putin and Vucic, not all residents of Serbia are good to the head of the Kremlin. So, on January 16 in Serbia, the police arrested 21-year-old boy on suspicion of plotting to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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