The transfer of the Chinese Grand Prix will be worth it Formula 1 at least us $ 43 million.

Перенос Гран-При Китая будет стоит Формуле-1 как минимум 43 млн долл.

Shanghai International Circui

Formula 1 will lose about us $ 43 million. because of the epidemic of coronavirus, reports GrandPX.

According to the source, after the announcement of the postponement of the Grand Prix of China entered into force Protocol force majeure that suspends the financial commitments of race promoters and Formula 1.

In the case that stage will not take place, the promoters will not have to pay a fee for his conduct.

Formula 1 will lose revenue not only from premiums but from TV rights and merch sales. According to expert estimates, only direct damages up racing series will be about us $ 43 million.