The transformation of mines and the preparation for the heating season: week energy

Трансформация шахт и подготовка к отопительному сезону: итоги недели Минэнерго

The energy Ministry has published a digest of events in the energy sector of Ukraine over the last week.

This week the Verkhovna Rada adopted the whole law as a government bill “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine concerning improvement of conditions of support of electricity production from alternative energy sources” (reg. No. 3658). He was supported by 288 MPs.

“The implementation of the law will reduce the financial burden on consumers more than UAH 6 billion annually, or approximately 2 billion Euro for the whole period of validity of the green tariff, of prolongation which does not provide” — said in the Ministry.

Also started the preparation for the heating season.

The bill is about “investnent” adopted in principle: that the promise to investors

By order of the Cabinet of Ministers approved the Plan of measures on preparation of objects of fuel and energy complex of Ukraine for the autumn-winter period 2020/21 year and its passage.

“The fuel and energy complex of Ukraine began preparation for the heating season as planned, with significant stocks of fuel in warehouses of the coal more than 1.9 times versus last year, fuel oil — by 1.4 times. According to the adopted Government action Plan stipulates the availability of natural gas in storage in the amount of not less than 17 billion cubic meters. Today in storage is 20.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas”, — reported in the Ministry of energy.

At the same time for state energy supervision of the established criteria to determine the degree of risk in the areas of electricity and heat.

Energy Ministry reported about the return of wages to the miners

“Given the beginning of preparations for the autumn-winter period, the activities of the state energy supervision will be aimed at ensuring reliable and stable operation of the power system, reliable energy supply of consumers of electric and thermal energy, as well as the security of supply of electrical energy”, — told the Agency.

Also this week, the Cabinet of Ministers has determined the LLC “gas supply company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” supplier “of last resort” in the natural gas market for a period of three years as the winner of the contest.

A quote OOO “GK “Naftogaz of Ukraine” — 2711,86 UAH per thousand cubic meters with VAT mark-up 0%. The competition Commission has defined the company by results of the tender on 10 July this year.

Busevec about the transformation of the coal industry: I did Not want to be associated with Margaret Thatcher

Meanwhile, preparations for the pilot project of the transformation of coal mines that can pass in two towns in the Western and in the Eastern regions of Ukraine.

“This project aims to help overcome social, economic and environmental nature, to redirect people to other work for further adaptation after mine closure. Criteria selection of mines to develop the project in preparation of the Concept and the National program of transformation of the coal-mining regions”, — explained in the Ministry of energy.

The energy Ministry and the national Bank recently discussed measures that will contribute to the fulfillment of the terms of the Memorandum with investors in renewable energy. Full implementation of the Memorandum of understanding between the Government and investors in the sector of renewable energy will help stabilize the industry and without complications to restructure loans from state banks for the construction of renewable energy facilities, said the Agency.

The increase in tariffs: the energy Ministry said, more expensive electricity

The energy Ministry plans to expand cooperation between Ukraine and Switzerland in the field of energy, particularly in energy efficiency, security of supply, flexibility of the electricity system and increase the share of renewable energy in the energy balance, the use of new technologies in nuclear power and reduce carbon emissions.

Ukraine also continues participation in the Fund Eastern European partnership for energy efficiency and the environment.

Cooperation with the Fund will allow you to access financial support for projects to improve energy efficiency. Ukraine’s participation in the previous phase, the Fund helped to attract funding to implement 22 projects worth more than 516 million euros.