The transit of gas from Russia was reduced almost by half

Транзит газа из РФ сокращен почти наполовину

For 7 months 2020, the Operator of Ukraine’s GTS made the transit of 29.8 billion cubic meters of Russian gas, which is 44% less than in the same period last year (53,2 billion cubic meters). This was reported by the LLC “Operator GTS of Ukraine” (OHTSU).

In particular, in the Western direction was made, the transit of 27.7 billion cubic meters of gas (-39%). Of them in Poland — 2.2 billion cubic meters Slovakia — 20.4 billion cubic meters, Hungary — 5.1 billion cubic meters.

In the direction of the TRANS-Balkan transit amounted to 2.1 billion cubic meters (-73%). Of these, 0.4 billion cubic meters in Romania and 1.7 billion cubic meters to Moldova.

This decline of transit along the southern route in OHTSU associated with the launch in January 2020, “the Turkish stream”, according to which gas is delivered from Russia to Turkey and from there to the Balkans.

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“As can be seen from the figures, another the bypass project, such as “Nord stream — 2″, to date, is highly relevant taking into account the capacity of existing infrastructure. The Ukrainian GTS can transport in the EU significant volumes of natural gas, and from the point of view of General security of supply — all risk is removed”, — commented Olga Belkova, Director for interaction with state bodies and international organizations OHTSU.

The company added that since the beginning of the year of Russian Gazprom fully calculated for the entire amount of the booked capacity, which uses only 79%.

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So, in July of 2020 during the annual two-week stops on planned repair work of the pipeline “Nord stream” Gazprom has increased the volume of transit through Ukrainian GTS, as it was in previous years during this period.